Nickelodeon Trading Card Game

For this project, I created an online game concept around Nickelodeon that could work on both desktop and Nick's then newly released iPad app. It would feature characters from both new and old shows, increasing the exposure of new characters and shows by leveraging the popularity of the established ones. The game could easily be used to highlight a specific property or any sort of event on the network with new cards, special content, or similar additions.


A majority of TCGs tend to be too lengthy, too detailed, and too difficult to play, especially when the audience of children is considered.

Online TCGs are too tied to their physical counterparts and are clunky reenactments of the physical game, never taking advantage of their digital nature.


Targeted users of this game are children aged 8–11, both boys and girls. While most are familiar with Nick and its shows, not all may have used the site before. This is in part due to parents' control over computer use.

A growing number of children have access to tablets however, so including the game as part of the new Nick iOS app would allow it to access a new audience.


The concepts for the main screen remained consistent throughout the project, but many other screens were simplified with a young audience in mind. This included simplified game rules and a gameplay layout that didn't rely on a "tabletop" visual metaphor. 

Final Comps