Giving to CIAS

RIT wants to increase it's rankings among other universities, but it currently has an alumni problem. Part of a university's rank is based on the number of donations it receives from its alumni. RIT's College of Imaging Arts and Sciences is particularly affected by this. By providing up-to-date information about programs, clubs, and other organizations within CIAS, this website concept would help attract more alumni donations, as well as improve alumni relations.


Schools often have many, many pages of information and traversing between these pages becomes tedious.

Donation form pages often appear to be an entirely different site. If the brand and other visual elements from the main site are carried over, they're typically not applied as thoughtfully.

Our alumni tend to associate themselves with their individual programs instead of the school as a whole. As such, alumni tend to be interested only in specific programs instead of the overall school. The current site makes it difficult to donate to those specific groups.

Who Helped You?

A concept that arose early during research was to give the updated site a strong call to action with a large search box so it was easy to find specific programs or organizations. "Who helped you?" addresses the user directly and encourages them to interact and to give back to programs they benefitted from.


To make information easier to find and more relevent to alumni visiting the site, everything is grouped under the program or group it's relevant to. After searching a topic, the information on the group is presented below with a donation form that has been prefilled at the bottom of the page.

Final Comps